29 November, 2010

Oh, and as a side note, I found those snow pants that Noah is wearing and a matching DOWN coat at Second Generation in Greenland for $6.00!!

First Snow

which caused Henry to exclaim, "It's Christmas!". This is going to be one fun season.
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26 November, 2010

Daddy inventions,

good food and family,

and icosidodecahedrons. Cuz, ya know, that's how we roll 'round here on Thanksgiving. Be well everyone.

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01 November, 2010

He wanted to be Harry Potter. And although he has no idea who Harry Potter is, other than what I briefly told him about a boy wizard, he was smitten with the idea form the start. I could not have picked a more perfect character for my fantastic first boy.
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Halloween 2010

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
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