17 November, 2014

Think I might starting writing here again.

25 March, 2014

Special Person

Yesterday was a volunteer morning for me in Henry's class so we were unable to attend, but Noah went to William's school breakfast as his special person.  

That's all.  

04 March, 2014


William just had a meltdown because I told him it was time to turn off the movie that he was watching on my phone.  Melt. Down. 

I brought him to his room to calm down and he started yelling at me to help him go to sleep.  He said he was afraid to go to bed by himself, which he never does anyway, we co sleep.  Noah walked in and said he would help.  Noah told Will that he would help him go to sleep.  He said- It's okay, William, I'm big and strong,  I'll protect you. William continued to yell at all of us, obviously so tired. Noah very calmly talked to him about when he used to feel that way, how everything would be okay.  It really was breathtaking for me to see Noah caring for William in this way, again. Then Henry walked in and started telling William that he would help him, too.  First William pushed Henry, but rather than getting upset Henry continued to calmly say that he would help him feel better. They have now been snuggled together for 10 minutes or so and Henry has given William his DS so he can watch a show.  Of course this is what triggered the meltdown in the first place, but I just don't care.  The way these three love each other sometimes...

28 February, 2014



William and Peter skiing at Loon. 

Ice castles

Visiting the ice castles at Loon.  Very neat. 


Beautiful day at Loon.  Wonderful to get away even if only for a couple of nights. 

Art time with Sally

Talking to Sally about his drawings. 


I love this picture of William. 


The fact that I still have a little person to spend time with who wears his clothes backward and doesn't care when he has rice crispies stuck to his belly fills me with indescribable joy. 



One of the hardest little workers I know.



Playing, playing, playing.

21 January, 2014

Fair share

It was one of those moments.  The kind where you pull out all of your worst parenting moves because you are desperate for a certain child to behave.  And then you hear that he didn't listen as well as he really should have and you just feel so darn tired of it that you decide the only thing to do is to say no donut as you had warned.  And you follow through, despite your better judgement.  And you feel sort of like shit about it but you stick to your guns because you are just not sure what the hell else to do at that moment.  And you feel a little bit less than whole because of it.  

Then you overhear them in the back, and they are each offering him part of their donut.  Not because they were told to but because that is the thing they knew to be right. They would only get the donuts themselves if they were allowed to each give some of theirs to him.  They would not feel the joy if he had to feel the pain.  And so they did.  Two donuts, three boys, one overwhelmed Mom with a heart full of pride.  

On the good days, I am pretty sure that the world would be better off if it was being run by people under 10.