30 March, 2009

Seed growth, slowly

More fun today with water colors and talking about our seed growth. We have some stems forming.

Noah spent a good bit of time adding pieces of paper to indicate "nutrients" at the root system.

"Nutrients?" I inquire.

"You know, Mom, the healthy stuff, like compost, that helps the plant grow?" Ah, duh?? :)

Baby lovin'

Believe it or not, I still have 12 weeks to go. I am quite big.

Henry is loving the snuggle, talking to my stomach, and covering his baby with his Ankie. Very sweet boy.
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24 March, 2009

What we're doing...

now that we are not in school being yelled at and made to feel badly about ourselves. Oops, would saying "not having our needs met" be more, um, friendly? Anyway...

Don't fret, you traditionalists, we're not off school for good. Not yet, anyway. We sit on multiple waiting lists and are in the process of looking at other programs with the hope that we will find the right match for our family. Until then, we are treasuring this gift of time together, keeping busy visiting the library, playing with friends, and enjoying activities together. And learning more about seeds!

Henry the ham

Henry is a very funny little chap. These days he is enjoying being silly and making jokes to encourage us to laugh- and laugh we do! And getting big so fast...

16 March, 2009

The Relaxing Tree

Nothing like the sun on your face and a little relaxing in a tree with your brother.

15 March, 2009

Back on the rock

Ahh, the weather was beautiful today. I wonder if we appreciate the spring more here in New England due to our long, often harsh winters. The boys joyfully found their climbing rock, removed their shoes, and got down to the business of enjoying the outdoors. I looked over at one point to find that Henry had climbed up their favorite tree and was standing over my head. Seemingly very secure, but giving his Mama a bit of a scare. When did he get old enough to do this?

These brothers- loving, wild, spirited, and at their best among the trees and rocks. Thank you, Nature, for your gifts.

10 March, 2009

Henry in snowshoes

Here is a picture from Henry's first snowshoeing adventure last weekend. A special thanks to Liza for the snowshoes, now handed down to another outdoors lover.

Veggie Soup

The boys and I made veggie soup yesterday, along with chocolate cupcakes. You know, to balance out the soup. Both were perfect for our, once again, snow stormy day. I took a picture of the soup at it earliest stages because I liked the colors so much. Hope everyone enjoyed their day--

07 March, 2009

24 weeks

Here we are, 24 weeks, the time of silent cheer. Viability. I have found myself eagerly awaiting this milestone during this and my last pregnancy, it is a cause for celebration. Of course 24 weeks is still so early, too early, but it offers the slight hope that God forbid something were to go wrong and I had to deliver early, our baby would have a chance. I imagine that it sounds crazy to most people. I am, after all, only a little over half way there. But for those of us who have helplessly watched our little miracles arrive early, this time allows for a slight release of breath.

I pray I will be fat and pregnant at 40 weeks, even "over-due" like I was with Henry. As sick as I get with pregnancy I love it. It is what I have always hoped most for, and I look forward to waddling my way around, for what I imagine will be my last time, for months to come. Good work, sweet baby boy, keep on cookin'. Mama loves you. 24 weeks!!

04 March, 2009

A wonderful weekend

Here are two pictures from our overnight in North Conway. We went with some very good friends and their three daughters, and had a great time! We stayed at The Red Jacket Inn which is home to an indoor water park, just what the winter blahs ordered. The boys had a blast.