24 September, 2010

There is something about the way they do this that strikes me. The unprompted togetherness. If I carried a camera around with me I could snap pictures like this daily. They go in birth order as they move. First, second, third. No one speaks or suggests, it just happens. It's been fun to watch William join this space. He sees them go and knows almost instinctively that he belongs there, too. Next to, part of, just because.

13 September, 2010


Eese! That's what he says as soon as you put a camera up in front of him. Baby boy, not so much baby anymore, full of joy. And spice and fire and busy, but we'll talk about that another time.

02 September, 2010

Noah's first day of Kindergarten

Well folks, he did it. And apparently loved it. Wanted to go back this afternoon, shortly after he got off the bus at a bit past 4 and started feeling frustrated with his brother. There were magnets and so many fun things and cool shoes on the boy whose hair spikes up a little. There was also a hand written note from his teacher saying that he had had a GREAT day, and a small welcome gift with attached poem. A very good way to start things off with a Mama who will expect her to bring her A game and not much less. 14 kids, 2 teachers, 1 organic garden, and a happy boy. Yes, a good start, indeed.