19 March, 2012

Oh dear

William just walked into the kitchen, opened to door to the fridge, and stood there looking inside. When I asked him if I could help him with something he replied--

Um, I would like to make an experiment...

I think I've heard this somewhere before.



Exciting weekend at The Millers-- Noah received his green belt in karate and Henry learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!
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09 March, 2012

Remembering this morning, that when my sweet Noah was a newborn and in the Special Care nursery with and IV in his head and a feeding tube down his nose, we had to be very careful to not overstimulate him or his vitals would change, for the worse. His breathing coordination would become confused, his heart rate would change. Calm and steady holding, no rocking, not too much talking. Just sit and hold him, they would tell me. You don't need to talk or even move. Just sit and hold him. Things change and lessons are learned during times like these. Sometimes maybe some of the most important lessons.

04 March, 2012

William's grape juice spilled on the couch the other day. I picked up his cup to find exactly this. I like to think that someone was talking to me.
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