14 February, 2010


We went ice skating on Mill Pond this weekend. The boys have been going regularly with Peter but William and I went along this time and enjoyed the activity from the sidelines. So much fun to see my guys enjoying themselves.

While there I had the opportunity to meet a boy Noah has skated with a couple of times, a nice "older" kid who was there with his Mom. You know when you have the opportunity to meet seemingly really great kids, and you want to pull their parents aside and question them about their parenting and what they did to get those nice kids? I know we've just met, I wanted to say to his mother, but would you mind telling me exactly what you did to get him to be like this? His family has just moved to town, he is in Middle School but/and was so friendly and down to Earth. Relaxed talking to adults, not bothered by a 5 year old following him around wanting to play. Of course, I'm sure their story is complicated just like every one's. But his kindness stood out to me.

This simple experience was uplifting for me, and I've been in need of some lift. It meant a lot to Noah to have this older boy treat him so kindly. It was a meaningful reminder to me that the world is filled with great kids who are growing into great adults. It's not all bad, truly. Don't be so afraid. Life can be unbelievably difficult sometimes, in ways I hope to never know, but it is also filled with wonderful. God's grace is there, waiting for us, sometimes you just have to look around a bit to find it. Sometimes it shows up as a kind pre-teen who brings joy to your son just by being kind to him. I'll take it.
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Finally some time outdoors! We have been passing around sickness for the past few weeks and are having a hard time getting rid of our various illnesses. The fresh air does us good.

The big boys were outside playing the other day but I was trying to keep baby William in due to his cold. He stood, yes stood, at the door crying while watching his big brothers play outside. It was warm enough that I decided to bundle him up and bring him out, as well. He was so happy to be outside with his completely adored older brothers.

The love these boys share, gets me every time. Of course they share a lot of other emotions, too, but why pay that too much attention...
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