29 September, 2009


What we do when we make time to do nothing at all...

Picnics in the tree house, science and art on the front porch. Sometimes I wish I could put the rest of life on hold and just stay home and do nothing all day.

He laughs

Not a little laugh, William's been doing that for a while now. But a full on belly laugh, and it was fantastic. Henry was jumping on the couch and laughing himself. William and I then sat down next to him and William just started laughing. Henry thought this was great, and he was right.

The beginning of what I hope will be a life time filled with laughter. Shared among brothers. Added to the short list of great moments of my life.

18 September, 2009

It was a beautiful September afternoon. We were playing at the park. Noah approaches me with a dandelion, gone to seed.

"Here, Mama, make a wish," he requests.

I pause, giving the moment more thought than required.

"Did you wish that everything would stay just the way it is right now?"

Mind reader.

"Yeah, buddy, that's exactly what I wished."

12 September, 2009

Our little Lefty!

This statement could thrill me on so many levels, but Henry seems to be consistently using his left hand for just about everything these days. Of course this could still change, but it would be pretty cool...

02 September, 2009

Don't judge a book...

I wasn't so sure about Noah's new school. The building is not much to look at, the playground lacking. But I really liked the director and teacher so I figured we'd give it another try. School, that is.

The first time around didn't go very well, as most of you know. My spirited boy who loves to learn and couldn't wait to go to school was not received well by his previous teacher. Actually, I received negative feedback on the very first day. It never ended. Everything from "He takes too long to put on his snowsuit." to "I just don't connect with him.". (Don't connect with him?! Who says that to a parent?!) And of course the discussion about his "will". It's a strong one. Too independently minded. Yes, I understand this will very well, thank you. The will of my boy who was born almost 7 weeks early and never needed the NICU. It can be challenging, and I thank God every day for it. We didn't last the school year. But they did have a beautiful playground.

It took a lot of courage to try again. For both my first boy and me. And faith. God and I have had many conversations since we began a few weeks ago. I'm so glad we were feeling brave when we made this decision, because so far he loves it. Today, at pick up, I heard things like "he's really creative", "he was so excited today", and "it was a wonderful day". And there is a new favorite friend. He happens to be there on the same mornings as Noah. There was so much joy this afternoon at dismissal there was hugging. Want to guess his name? I kid not, it's Will Henry. Thanks, God. I owe you one.