26 November, 2008

Knitting with Grandma.

Car Talk

Don't the most interesting conversations occur in the car? The confined space, the lack of distraction...

These are two things discussed on a drive today.

Question from the back-- "Mama, when did God decide that he was done using his body?"

Hmm, good one, my boy. That was an interesting conversation with a barely 4 year old.

Statement that followed above conversation--- "Mama, I think girl cats are smarter than boy cats".

24 November, 2008

Proud to baby wear!

Check this out!!


What was Motrin thinking when they created this insulting ad?! Arghh!! We are proud baby wearers, both Peter and I. Not because it is in fashion, no one could ever honestly accuse us of such a thing. Not because we want to look cool, but I do think Peter looks pretty sweet when he's carrying Henry. We carry our boys because it is right, and good.

So out of touch. So frustrating. Ugh, idiots.

This picture was taken just yesterday of our happy baby wearing family. I highly recommend this Ergo Carrier, it's wonderful. From baby sling to toddler carrier.

20 November, 2008

What you get when you ask for a picture...

We follow pretty independent paths here in our family. Or very dependent, depending upon whom you may ask to judge. This has been born of both philosophy and necessity. We support the idea of respectful living, honoring the needs/desires of the individual while loving and honoring our unique group, and child-led experience. My husband and I are both pretty independent spirits. We would not tell each other what to do/think, and we try to show this respect to our children, as well. For the most part, anyway.

Noah does not usually draw pictures of people, which is exactly what I asked him to do the other day, on his easel. I don't generally do this, but figured a bit of Mama interference couldn't be all that bad. Here is his picture. He worked very hard on it, making it quite detailed, although it doesn't come through well in the picture.

Noah "Mama, do you know what this is between its legs?" Me, holding my laughter, "Tell me about it, Noah."

Noah "It's his penis. A very, very tall penis."

Say hello!!

Please! I know there are those of you who read our blog, you tell me when we talk, e-mail, etc. Say hi, I would love to know that you have stopped by. Thank you, friends!

18 November, 2008

It is not worth the while to let our imperfections disturb us always. The conscience really does not, and ought not to monopolize the whole of our lives, any more than the heart or the head. It is as liable to disease as any other part.

(Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

10 November, 2008

I love that this is one of their favorite things to do.
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