31 August, 2011

Happy boy heading off to 1st grade. In his new "golf" shirt that he picked out because he now wants to take up golf. Golf. If only everyone could apprecitate how funny that is, Peter and I heading to The Club.
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29 August, 2011

Henry's first day

Today was Henry's first day of Pre-K! Here he is on his way, with his rock star teacher, and with Peter. He was in this class for most of last year so not much is new, but he was very happy to get back to playing with Sally after much time off and about this summer. Sally is fantastic on multiple levels, but one of the things I love most about this program is that it is play centered and child-lead. The fact that this is not the case at with so many other programs is beyond me and subject for discussion another time. I am very grateful.
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Hurricane 2011

This is how we spent most of our time this hurricane weekend, before and during the day long power outage...

The beautiful beach before the storm, playing chess (a new favorite) with Daddy, eating bacon while watching chess, drawing, and setting up a new cafe upstairs. This is a picture of the host's desk. And as a side note, the easel Henry is coloring on was mine when I was little, and I just turned 39. Cool.

Hope everyone is safe, dry, and with power.
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24 August, 2011


A last minute decision to bring the boys to the children's museum in Boston was a great one! Lots of fun, a beautiful day.
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02 August, 2011

At the cottage in Boulder Junction. The boys with their cousins, Heather and David. Peter visited this cottage as a child so it is extra special that we've been able to bring the boys. There is no TV and nothing to do but spend hours and hours playing outside, swimming, walking in the woods, boating, playing games- doing exactly the things I think children should be doing all day. I would love to have a little cottage somewhere someday. Thank you Grammy, Papa, and cousin Sandy for allowing us this time together!
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