22 February, 2009

Baby Apple

The boys are so excited about "their baby", it is wonderful to see. They love to hug my belly, and they, especially Noah, talk to the baby throughout the day. Every night before he goes to sleep Noah will hug my belly and say goodnight to the baby. The tenderness of boys that all too often goes overlooked...

Henry has now decided that he is pregnant, as well, and talks a good bit about the baby in his tummy, whom he has named Apple. My sweet and often out of touch husband responded one night that he kind of liked the name Apple, but wondered if it might be a better name for a girl. He had no idea, of course, that a famous couple had already come to the same conclusion and received some backlash because of it. We agreed that we do kind of like the name Apple, but that it is better suited for a girl. I know, we're weird like that. So- no apples. But Henry's.

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Hilaree said...

Hi you,

I have pneumonia right now, which is why I've been slow AGAIN to get back to you...anyhow, Funnyboy had a baby in his belly too, when I was pregnant. His baby's name was Daddy. xoxo