14 April, 2009

A great day

Today has been a wonderful day. Primarily child led, but with ample time for my needs to be met and for me to feel content. Buying pansies, reading while the boys played in the sandbox...

I though it would be interesting for people to know what the boys did today, all of their own will. Noah enjoyed sounding out and writing words with chalk on the driveway. I think many people would assume that a child would never learn to read or write unless they were forced to, and I am here (as a former public school teacher) to tell you that it just isn't so. The process is unfolding before us and it is difficult to describe how cool it is to watch. There was also time spent chiseling rock, and time spent boiling rocks to see if any of their properties would change. The list goes on, this is just a glimpse. But man am I thankful.

Yesterday was spent at a play date and swimming lesson. A long, fun, but tiring day. It has been nice to be home for most of the day today, to replenish.

I hope everyone reading is enjoying their day as much as we are enjoying ours. Be well--

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Hilaree said...

Closet unschooler. Heh heh heh... :)

I love your family! Hugs hugs hugs. I'm ready for tea...name a time, girlie!!!