27 May, 2009

Who are you, again?

This has been one of those mornings. Not that kind you are probably thinking of. The other kind. The kind you want to, need to, remember when you are having one of those other mornings. Art instead of TV. Playing together- for hours- instead of fighting. I have heard things like "Don't worry, Mama, I'll help him", and "It's okay, there is space for us both on the chair". Statements that make me pause, and want to ask "Who are you, again??".

But of course I know who they are. They are 2 and 4, and people just like the rest of us. With moods, good moments and not so good moments. They are fiery and bold, and not afraid to express themselves. Sometimes this is challenging. Okay, very challenging. And requires an amount of patience that I don't always have. And sometimes this energy comes through in such a wonderful way, it leaves me quiet.

I sometimes feel like I don't know what I'm doing as a parent. People assume I should know, I have spent a lot of years studying child development, after all. But the truth is, often times the best lesson for me is to just sit back and let my children be. Encourage them to be kind, respectful, but otherwise just allow them to unfold. And not fear the complexity that it just part of human nature. The good and the bad. But man, the good is just so great, isn't it?

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Hilaree said...

Hi there supermommy...I love your sweet boys!