05 November, 2009

One of the boys' favorite shows is Curious George. Apparently there was an episode on recently which had good old George earning money for doing chores around the house. Not generally a tactic we employ around here, but maybe that will change.

Noah approached me yesterday asking if he could do some things to help out around the house. In exchange, he informed me, I should give him money. Then he could go to the store and buy whatever he wanted. Commercials, ugh.

When he returned minutes later asking for his payment I handed him a penny. A good start, I figured.

"No, no" he states, "I meant paper money."

Footnote: We're on Day 1 of TV Detox. It was a difficult morning, but we're getting through. Henry and William are now taking naps, and Noah is creating his own game. Well worth the pain, I think.

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