16 April, 2010

There's a lot of this going on around here these days. I had forgotten this week, somehow, how simple a cure being held is. The top 2 photos were taken a while ago. Henry's hair is much longer now.

I find it easy to become overwhelmed by what I think I'm supposed to be doing during the day. Allowing messages from others to creep in and impact how I feel about my mothering. Some days are busy with 3 little ones. Busy in the most wonderful way, especially when I don't allow myself to get bogged down in negativity. My default, hold my kids. Just pick them up and hold them. Focus on the here and now. I need reminders to not allow myself to get carried away with worry. Wear your babies, Heather, I tell myself, this very well might be close to all they need. (And you, too.)
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