02 September, 2010

Noah's first day of Kindergarten

Well folks, he did it. And apparently loved it. Wanted to go back this afternoon, shortly after he got off the bus at a bit past 4 and started feeling frustrated with his brother. There were magnets and so many fun things and cool shoes on the boy whose hair spikes up a little. There was also a hand written note from his teacher saying that he had had a GREAT day, and a small welcome gift with attached poem. A very good way to start things off with a Mama who will expect her to bring her A game and not much less. 14 kids, 2 teachers, 1 organic garden, and a happy boy. Yes, a good start, indeed.

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Hilaree said...

Hey you.

Just checking in. It was so wonderful to see you and your sweeties. We can't wait until the next time!