09 October, 2010


I walked into our family room the other day to find Henry very serenely resting on William's lap. I took a great shot of this, out of focus, of course. They were both as calm as could be. When they realized I was taking a picture they started laughing. The fact that they find this sort of comfort in one another is a great source of joy for me. It leaves me thinking, amidst the days of often wondering what in the hell we're doing around here, as parents, that we must be doing a little bit of something right.

(As a side note, yes, William still uses a bottle. If I was still able to nurse I would be doing that, and the fact that I can't has brought me such deep sadness at times that I won't even begin to try to touch upon it here, now. Ever, probably. So, he has his bottle, as did his brothers before him. And, yes again, we'll let him wean himself when he's ready.)

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