18 December, 2010

Holiday pictures

I took the boys to the mall the other day to have some holiday pictures taken. Generally not our kind of thing, but we give them as gifts to family who really seem to enjoy them so we put forth the effort and take one for the team, if you will. Truth be told, there is something about them that I really like, too, although at some point I hope to have some nice shots taken at the beach or someplace other than the mall. I am not a mall person. At all.

Anyway, I take the boys over, and it goes exactly as I had hoped it would not. They were running late, the picture place, and we were running out of patience. Henry decided he was no longer going to wear his vest, which was totally cute, and everyone stated getting a bit edgy.

The friendly girl at the counter finally got permission to take our pictures and I agree to let her, having no idea if she even knows what she's doing. We shuffle into the room and try to get the boys to all look in one direction for long enough to get a picture. A friend once described getting kids this age to do something all together as being like trying to herd cats. I still laugh at this comparison. She finally gets out a tiny bench, barely big enough to fit the three of them, and we squish them all on there together. As close as close can be. And without barely another word, William puts his two little fingers in his mouth, and his brothers wrap their arms around him, and smile. All three looking at the camera. There is nothing perfect about the shot, except for all of its perfection. Beautiful, mismatched, not as anyone would plan for, and totally them. My sons. Suns. Both.

Blessings to everyone this holiday season.

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