13 March, 2011

Big day

Noah told me the other day, Friday, that he was writing without thinking about how to sound out and then spell the words. He spells phonetically for the most part, which is how kids learn to enjoy the process of writing without being bogged down over concerns of "correctness". But the point is that he is so excited. Noah loves words, especially writing right now, and you will often find him wandering around with pencil and paper in hand, or a white board. He loves to "read" the dictionary and learn new words. This is especially fun for me because I enjoy the very same things. I love words, the way they sound, what they do when you put them together. So now, instead of laboring over how to spell every. little. thing. and then laboring over how to form the letters, he just does it. This is a pretty big developmental milestone for me, as I think about the world that is unfolding before him. The world of words. I think about this time, of my little babes not being able to read with fluency, or before this, write. Soon these days will pass and the world will never be the same for them because of it.

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