30 April, 2011

I have been a little bit, um, struck lately by this time in our lives. The fast pace with which everyone seems to be growing, especially this boy. One of the things that gets me the most, I guess, is the joy he feels with his life. Generally speaking, of course. He is extremely outgoing, willing, kind hearted, confident, and eager to try most everything. I am none of these things, so it really gets me. Well, hopefully kind hearted, but none of the others. He loves school, meeting new people, and trying new things. He wants to learn to do just about everything, and t-ball is his choice this Spring. He walked in with his uniform on today and I was consumed with something, I don't know. Mostly awe at my blessings, filled with gratitude that when these little fellas crossed their rainbow bridge, they chose me. And hope that God will give me the strength I'm going to need to parent these 3 boys as they transition into new phases in their lives.
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