04 October, 2011

Some days are hard. I know this comes as a surprise to no one. Friends, family, people you love, they suffer. We, ourselves, suffer. If we are very lucky we each have a few people we can count on, without fail. Unconditionally. I have a bit of those people, they have mostly been the same for nearly half a life time. More. Can you believe it's been that long? I am so very thankful for them.

My heart and prayers are going out to some very special people and their families as they courageously face very difficult days.

God offers me the sweetest reminders of how precious life is everyday in the ways of my children. I am so grateful for moments like these, so pure and sweet. Digging in the dirt. With hat. And mittens. In warm September. Time goes on, all things will pass. Sometimes way too quickly.
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