14 November, 2013


Here we are all cozy on a back to school Tuesday following an extra long weekend.  William is fighting off a cough so we are snacking on some honey in the hopes that its immunity fighting properties will kick the shiz out of this cough and leave us alone.  

Other than at all is well on the home front.  

We are approaching a big season of celebration in our house.  Birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas.  
Have some boys getting big over here.  For this I will do nothing other than celebrate.  And they still like to hang out with me and give me kisses at the bus stop in front of everyone like they just don't care and whatever if any other little kids think anything of it.  

Oh, and Noah got all sneaky the other day and posted to my Facebook update "My Mom is ossem."  He also scheduled some playground time for the two if us into my calendar .  So, there's that.  

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