04 March, 2014


William just had a meltdown because I told him it was time to turn off the movie that he was watching on my phone.  Melt. Down. 

I brought him to his room to calm down and he started yelling at me to help him go to sleep.  He said he was afraid to go to bed by himself, which he never does anyway, we co sleep.  Noah walked in and said he would help.  Noah told Will that he would help him go to sleep.  He said- It's okay, William, I'm big and strong,  I'll protect you. William continued to yell at all of us, obviously so tired. Noah very calmly talked to him about when he used to feel that way, how everything would be okay.  It really was breathtaking for me to see Noah caring for William in this way, again. Then Henry walked in and started telling William that he would help him, too.  First William pushed Henry, but rather than getting upset Henry continued to calmly say that he would help him feel better. They have now been snuggled together for 10 minutes or so and Henry has given William his DS so he can watch a show.  Of course this is what triggered the meltdown in the first place, but I just don't care.  The way these three love each other sometimes...

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