01 October, 2008

Henry's dictionary

These are some of my favorite Henry words these days.

"Wowa", of course. His favorite word, favorite person. His Noah.
"Nannie"-- Annie, our cat
One of my very favorites-- "Oodie". Henry would be oodie all the time if he could be. In fact, I think he would like it if everyone were oodie. Um, nudie, I mean.
"Ankie". We don't go anywhere without ankie (blankie). Grandma made ankie for us- very special. Noah did not have an attachment object like this. I was/am such a strong advocate of Attachment Parenting that I did not encourage one. By the time Henry arrived my philosophy had, um, matured, I guess. Having an attachment object is only a "problem", I realized, if it is used in place of a person's affection/attention, but not when used in partnership with such attention. More love is good. Ankie and I are peeps. Ankie is good.

The process of speech development just amazes me, like almost everything about child development. Fascinating, precious. Very cool, indeed.

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