26 November, 2008

Knitting with Grandma.


Reasonable Sandra said...

Just wanted to say hello. You don't know me,but Peter and I were friends in Urbana... not pal around friends, but worked on various causes and crossed paths alot friends. I saw him on facebook and wanted to catch up... by at least seeing pics of his kids... he recommended your blog.

Peter deserved someone like you and I'm happy for your sweet life together.Your kids are adorable.

the good life mama said...

Hi Sandra-

Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful note. Hope my note in return finds you happy and well. Best- Heather

cpi said...

Dear Heather,

This is Carol from Urbana - what a lovely blog you've got going. I'm so glad to see that things have turned out so well for you and Peter. We still think of you when we pass by your old house...

Here's some photos of our big guys now (including a few of them and Matt all dressed up as hippies for Retro Day at school: www.flickr.com/urbanafamily

Take care, Carol

the good life mama said...

Hi Carol! So good to hear from you. Love your pics, the boys are so big! My e-mail is hmillernh@gmail.com. Would love to hear from you now and then. Thanks again for stopping by--

All the very best-- Heather