07 December, 2008

My super cool husband

I want to take a minute to brag about my husband. I could get all Middle School on you and tell you that he's really cute, because he is. I could say something more meaningful like he is really smart. Really. And he does meaningful work that he should be proud of. He could have easily sold out and found a number of jobs making a good bit more money, but chooses to do something he feels is worthwhile, valuable. Is worthwhile and valuable. The list goes on. But the past few days have been a reminder of what means the most to me, the kind of father he is to our sons. I came downstairs yesterday to find all of my boys in the kitchen making applesauce. This task would have seemed daunting to many, like me, for example. But he tackled the challenge like a pro. My kids were so happy.

The other act of brilliance, if you ask me, was Peter's creation of the "Cutting Bag". My kids love to cut things, like most young kids. Noah especially. Peter decided to put together a small bag of recyclables and other paper that is safe for cutting, and the boys know to go directly to it when they feel like cutting. I love it.

I'm a lucky gal.

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