04 July, 2009


I am fuming right now, maybe to a degree higher than the crime warrants, but fuming nevertheless.

We have a child safety gate the runs across our driveway to help keep the boys away from the road, a very busy road, and last night someone stole the pole used to hold it in place. William and I went to check the mail and found the gate on the ground without the pole. Initially I thought one of the boys may have taken it out to play with but we cannot seem to find it. And Peter thinks someone took it last night. With all the hormones raging through my body these days I found myself wishing I had previously set up surveillance cameras so I would be able to track down whoever took it. I would then go to their house and whack them upside the head yelling "It's a child safety gate, ASSHOLE!! It keeps my kids out of the road!!" Peter reminded me that ranting about hitting people in the head in front of the boys might not be the best lesson for them, but I disagree. It is a perfect lesson. Sort of like the lesson I will teach about getting arrested. If you need to be bailed out because you have been protesting the WTO, or have been participating in a human rights rally, etc., call us right away. If, however, you need bailing out because you have, um, stolen part of someones child safety gate in a drunken stupor, don't call right away. Call Grandma.

Maybe I should put a sign in front of the house that warns people "Hormonal Mama lives here, don't piss her off." "Or else."

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Katherine said...

I can just imagine now the sight of you fuming over the missing gate piece. Carma will one day come back on the little "thugs".