23 November, 2011

Boy, you sure have your Hands Full

I hear this often, and it used to bother me. Offend me. A lot. Now I usually just smile and say, Yes, sure do, full of blessings! ( Think forced smile here.) Today was a day where I wanted to say back, "Yes, I DO! So how 'bout you stop staring at us and do something helpful, like smile! Or offer to babysit!" (Kidding, of course. I don't usually let strangers babysit my kids. :) Usually.)

Maybe if people were more supportive of larger families, or families in general, and boys, and stopped treating us and children like there is something wrong with us/them we wouldn't seem like our hands are SO full, negative. We would seem like our hands are so full, positive.

Enough rant for tonight. Oh wait, one more thing, we've really got our priorities out of whack. Since when did it become so comfortable for us as a society to feed off other people's challenge? To allow it to make us feel better about ourselves? I think it started with the Jerry Springer show. Okay, I digress. And I'm done.

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