21 September, 2008


We had a sad afternoon at our house yesterday, our cat Ollie was hit and killed by a car. Thankfully our neighbors found him and put his body in a box for us. They came over to tell us the news when we returned from some afternoon errands. I found myself in tears in front of these neighbors I barely know. Ollie was a very good cat. He liked to play fetch, he had a beautiful soft coat of fur. Peter and I found him and his sister, Annie, at a farm in Illinois before we were married. He was very friendly and affectionate, part dog, we used to say. We buried him in our "forest", covered with some bright yellow sunflowers, we each put one on his box before covering it with dirt. The thought of him being hit is just so awful, but my neighbor tried to reassure me that he went very quickly. I just pray that this is the case. Bye, Ollie, we will miss you.

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