11 September, 2008

Tree Hugger

I guess he comes by it naturally. We returned home yesterday from a very nice visit with GG to find our neighbor felling some trees. I excitedly pointed this out to the boys, assuming they would find it so, as well. Not so much. After watching for a minute, Noah walked over to me exclaiming "This is terrible, Mommy! They are cutting down the beautiful trees. I'm going over there right now to move those trucks!". Or something very closely to this effect. And he's only three.

I remember being quite outraged as a Junior High School student when the local corner store posted a sign stating that no more than 2 people under the age of 18 were allowed in the store at a time, without an adult. Clearly age discrimination in my eye. I was fuming for weeks. I think I may have been ready to contact the ACLU but was discouraged, or brought to my senses (depending on who you ask).

I wonder at what point I might find him sitting in a tree, in protest? I do know one thing, I'll be right there sending him up sandwiches. Rock on, tree huggers.

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